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Academus Workshops

Academus is pleased to launch its online workshops. These are hour-long events designed for groups of school children. Whether you want to book our workshop for your Classical Civilisation Class or your after school Latin group we can accommodate a variety of times. 

The aim of these events is to allow students to engage with Classics in a unique way that takes them beyond their school specifications. Our workshops are an amazing resource to further your students' understanding of the Classical World beyond the textbook.

Whilst the talks are based on material from the school specifications they are designed to elevate a student's understanding of a Classical text through discussion, performance and innovation. Due to the performative nature of many Classical texts, we want our students to understand what it's like to perform these texts. 

Our workshop will include thirty minutes of interactive talks on a variety of themes followed by the 'Main Performance' where students will be taught how to perform a piece of Classical Literature. They will then have the opportunity for a brief Q&A at the end following their performance. We aim to provide three educators from the Academus team at each workshop so that there are enough people on hand to answer questions and manage large groups of students. 

Our workshops are designed to be accessible for a group of up to 100 students (if you have a group larger than that please let us know so we can factor that into our planning). Every student who attends the event will receive a free resource booklet full of secondary reading, useful terminology and activities to continue their engagement with the text.

At the moment our workshop 'Cyclopeia' is available to book for your school. You can view our programme below. Please contact our team for further information and booking details!

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