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The Ancient Outreach Network (AON) is an open membership scheme designed for people passionate about promoting, protecting and continuing Ancient World Studies. AON is designed to be an advocacy network where all people are welcome to help us achieve our goals.

Our Goals
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Advocacy: Through research, reporting and lobbying we want to expand the study of the Ancient World in the UK and protect the schemes and initiatives that are already in place. The Network will develop strategies with different groups looking into the opportunities to study the Ancient World at primary, secondary and university levels.  


Education: AON hopes to provide and coordinate free forms of education, both in-person and online education. AON's education initiatives will also include the sharing and pooling of teaching materials, articles, videos and other resources that teachers and students can use. 

Accessibility: AON strives to be as accessible as possible, levelling opportunities across the field and breaking down barriers that exist within the current Ancient World system. 

How can I get involved?

AON has a number of different types of membership but, most importantly, they are all free. To sign up for basic membership use the capture form below. For all other positions please inquire by getting in touch with Emily,


A member of AON is someone who registers to join the network.  AON members will get priority access to any materials or events that we offer and they will also get the opportunity to network with all other members through our digital platforms. There is also an opt-in mailing list and newsletter which members can choose to receive, these will have more exclusive resources and calendars of upcoming events. 

Ancient Advocates: 

Ancient Advocates are individuals who will help aid the wider AON strategy. Ancient Advocates will be spokespeople to the wider world, advocating for Ancient Studies, raising awareness of its benefits and lobbying educational institutions for more opportunities. Advocates will work alongside other groups and organisations to best help the field of Ancient Studies.  

Regional Ambassadors: 

Regional Ambassadors are responsible for promoting the Ancient World on a localised level, looking at activities and events which best fit their region. Regional Ambassadors would work with local schools, universities and organisations to encourage the study of the Ancient World. Ambassadors would be responsible for co-ordinating local access events, working with local schools and teachers and consulting as a regional advisor on national projects. 

AON Management: 

Managers are individuals who want to take on a leadership role within AON. They will be responsible for running AON, leading the organisation and carrying out vital administrative duties.  Managers will also help centralise regional projects and take the lead on national and digital events. 

Join here: 
The Benefits
  1. Opportunities to take part in exclusive conferences, events and research projects

  2. Access to a network of likeminded colleagues all working towards the same research

  3. A platform to exchange, share and access resources

  4. Using your voice for good making real change in the field

  5. A chance to be part of something that is both fun and rewarding 

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