Meet the Team: Academic Team


Katie Amos

Advanced Educator

Katie is currently studying Ancient History and Archaeology at Durham University, with a particular interest in Late Antiquity/Byzantine Period, and the spoliation of pagan monuments. Coming from a state school and working-class background, she has studied Classical Civilisation from GCSE level and uses this help promote the importance of Classics to less privileged individuals by tutoring online.


Katie presently holds the positions of Chair of John Snow College's Junior Common Room Executive Committee; Ancient History and Archaeology Course Representative at Durham University; and a member of John Snow College's Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity Committee. She has also achieved acceptance on the British School at Athens Undergraduate Course 2020; the GDST Pearson and Silver Award to attend the JACT Classical Civilisation and Ancient History Summer School in 2018; the Porteous Prize for Classics and F.H. Campbell Prize for English Literature at her secondary school.  


Katie truly fell in love with the Classics on a trip to Pompeii, where she finally understood the true beauty of the ancient world; and strives to express this in her current endeavours with Academus. She understands the importance of diversifying education of Classics, which has often been dominated by white, privileged males in academia.


Through working with Academus as an Advanced Educator, she hopes to continue to make Classics a living, breathing and beautiful subject which anyone, from any background can enjoy. 


We enjoy the support of the UCL Department of Greek & Latin

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