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Crossword: a Classics Crossword for those cold winter nights to test out your Graeco-Roman knowledge

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

It's Day 2 of Academus' 12 Days of Christmas and instead of two turtle doves we have a cracking Classics Crossword testing your knowledge of all things Greek and Roman. If you're looking for our partridge in a pear tree, head over to yesterday's quiz.

The crossword is embedded into the post if you want to complete it online, but if you're more of a pen-to-paper worker, we also have a PDF version below which you can download, print off and complete in your own time.

Let us know how your fare and whether your crossword skills match up to your Classics skills! The puzzle is also here if you're like to complete it on the Hobbyist Website.

Created by Megan Bowler

Download PDF • 25KB


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