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Black Lives Matter

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

In light of recent events, the unjustified murder of George Floyd, and

the Black Lives Matter protests across the world, we believe it is important to highlight our commitments to the movement and to disrupt the silence that has played a huge part in the suppression of justice.

We at Academus want to take this moment to emphasise our anti-racist stance but also to acknowledge the inherent racism within the education system and Classics as an institution. Too frequently has Classics been used to serve the agenda of White Supremacy and we want to put a stop to this. Providing access to, and educating people in, the Classical Field is a key part of our Mission and we must do this to the fullest extent.

Academus is an organisation which holds equality and diversity at its heart. We strive to level the Classical playing field, and to challenge the racialised privilege and injustice that is pertinent in our current society.

We implore our students and everyone who supports our organisation not to be silent and to call out racial discrimination.

Today, instead of an article we have attached some links to information published by black classicists and academics so their voices and thoughts can be shared:

We have also attached a link to the Sportula grant for students and the Black Minds Matter donation page:

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