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Odyssey Resource Booklet - Academus x UCL Classical Play

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

This exciting study guide is a combination of Academus articles and testimonies about the making of the UCL Classical play of The Odyssey, based on Emily Wilson's translation.

If you are interested in checking out the UCL Classical Play, please see their living archive with a selection of academic and dramatic content surrounding the Odyssey (including this study guide).

The booklet has 12 articles from the Academus content team and the UCL Classical Play team, so there is something to interest everyone.

Contents: Odyssey Book Summary - by Mansi Dhokia Who Was Homer? - by Meg Finlayson Directing Philosophy - by Lewis Bentley Emily Wilson's Odyssey - by Elena Aparicio Calero Bringing Life to the Odyssey - by Lewis Bentley Odysseus: An Atypical Hero? - by Meg Finlayson Assistant Director - by Zoe De Barros Carvalho E Morris Women in the Odyssey - by Sophie Park Assistant Costume Head - by Holly McClenaghan The Fates and the Immortals in Homer's Odyssey - by Lucy Moore

Assistant Costume Designer - by Bori Papp

The Booklet:

Odyssey Resource Booklet 3
Download PDF • 16.72MB

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