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Temple Run For Real: A journey into the Ancient World's temples and their similarities

For the 11th Day of Christmas join us as we journey across the continents and play Temple Run For Real.

The Ancient World is absolutely packed with temples, and it's fascinating to see how temples across the continents bear so many similarities even though they are separated by physical barriers.

Understanding these similarities up close allows us to get an insight into the ways of ancient peoples and their psyches. It's undeniable that there are some inherent similarities between these people and their ancestors in the 21st century as the same similarities emerge time and time again.

Inspired by the epic voyage game that was Temple Run, we bring to you, Temple Run For Real.

Temple Run For Real
Download PDF • 33.70MB

Some of this material is taken from the Academus Summer School to demonstrate the sorts of topics we teach our students about the Ancient World.

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