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We're Hiring

Academus is looking for new volunteers to join our team! We have a number of new part-time and flexi volunteer positions across our departments.

Why you should join us?

  • We are a young team who are developing quickly and we are generating tangible change within Classics as a field.

  • Our positions are amazing opportunities to gain some exposure in a variety of fields from marketing to education.

  • We are able to support the students who are in the system right now and who don't have that Classics education already in their curriculum. It makes sure that they aren't left out and that if they want to pursue Classics, they have the support and ways to access free education.

  • Work with an organisation which directly works to be that support and dismantle barriers for others.

Our Summer 2020 Team

For more about why you should volunteer with us check out our volunteering page.

We are looking to hire for the following positions: (Please click on the position for further details)





To apply please email with a completed application form for your chosen role(s) and an up to date copy of your CV.

If you have any questions regarding the positions please feel free email us:

Deadline for applications is the 21st March 2021

We are looking to hire people ASAP so please apply at the earliest possible opportunity

Updated Application Form
Download DOCX • 139KB

Managing Director Position
Download PDF • 91KB
Director of Operations Position
Download PDF • 165KB
Content Writer
Download PDF • 88KB
Digital Content Creator
Download PDF • 89KB
Academic Content Creator
Download PDF • 88KB
IT Assistant
Download PDF • 90KB
Finance Executive
Download PDF • 89KB
Design Assistant
Download PDF • 85KB
Classical Literature Tutor
Download PDF • 87KB
Classical Languages Tutor
Download PDF • 87KB
Ancient History Tutor
Download PDF • 87KB

N.B. for Tutor positions you do not need to have a background in both Greek and Latin/ Rome and Greece, one is sufficient.

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