Our Mission

Inspiring through Accessibility 

To inspire as many students as possible, who previously felt limited, to venture further into Classics. We want to encourage our students to take their Classical Education to the next stage be it through a degree, another online course, or personal education. We want to offer our students the tools to find the right means for them.

We recognised that for many students who are not offered Classical Subjects in their school they rely on outreach programmes and summer schools to access Classical Education. We felt passionately that those students should not miss out on those opportunities. By widening participation in this way we have created a sustainable platform where this education is not only readily available but possible.

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

Why Classics?

The study of Classics cannot be underestimated, it seeks not only to improve our knowledge of Western civilization but to better our understanding of ourselves. Through the study of ancient institutions and ideologies such as the Athenian polis or the Roman Tribunes, we are able to analyse the very foundations of the structures of our contemporary society. Political thought owes much of its conception to the political structures of antiquity and the geo-politics of the Graeco-Roman world. Indeed, it is difficult to find a modern institution that does now owe some of its creation to a classical precursor.


But what of the value of Classics to ourselves? The philosophers of antiquity birthed many of the schools of thought which now permeate modern society. Academia from Orientalism to reception studies all derive from classical roots. Critical evaluation, synthesis and close textual analysis are all vital skills which derive from the academics of antiquity. By studying classics, we not only employ these skills but gain a greater understanding of them by examining how different philosophers used and analysed them. Equally, classical philosophy is still relevant to us today. Socrates taught us to always ask difficult questions and be aware of the limits of our knowledge. Aristotle espoused the ‘golden mean’ to help us find the best option in everyday situations. Zeno’s stoicism tells us to treat others fairly and free our minds from anxieties and fears.


From just this brief description it is clear that Classics influence numerous strands of our modern society. Studying Classics helps us to understand the world around us, hone our analytical skills and teach us to live a better life (as well as much, much more!)


Our Commitment to Care

At Academus, we are committed to helping and protecting our students to the best of our abilities for the duration of their time with us. Our high teaching standards place their wellbeing above at the forefront of our classes and ensure a safe and welcoming teaching environment.

All our courses will be delivered through the virtual learning platform Moodle which is a secure, password-protected platform. As an online education environment Moodle is committed to student safety and as a result, adheres to the strictest security standards. Access to the Academus Moodle page is strictly monitored by our Administrators as is all communication on the site.


At Academus we strive for excellence and as a result, all our staff must go through a rigorous selection process. In line with our Academus Standards, all our staff must pass an enhanced DBS check, and go through extensive training including in-depth SEN training. 

if you would like to know more our Academus Standards, Safeguarding Policy and Privacy Policy can be found below.

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