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Trans rights are human rights

Following recent events, Academus would like to give a statement highlighting our commitments to the trans and wider LGBTQIA+ community. Trans rights are human rights and we vow to protect and respect all those within the Academus family, including our staff members, students and those who follow and engage with us.

We at Academus want to make it clear we stand in solidarity with our trans friends and will continue to fight and advocate for trans liberation both within the field of Classics and the wider world. We are dedicated to making Classics accessible for all and this includes making the Ancient World a safe field of study for trans people.

Academus is an organisation that holds equality and diversity at its heart. We strive to level the playing field within Classics and to challenge those who are committing injustices towards marginalised groups within society.

We implore all those who work and learn with us to not be silent and to call out transphobia and any other kind of discrimination.

If any of our followers have been affected by the events over the past few days and would like to speak to us about the future steps Academus plans to take to protect our trans community, our lines of communication are all open. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if this has affected you.

We are deeply saddened by what has happened and would like to amplify the voices of some amazing organisations that support and celebrate trans people in Classics:

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