Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any unmentioned costs?  

No, Academus and all the services we offer are entirely free. However, we are a non-profit which means we award our services to students on needs-most criteria and if you have a strong background in Classics we may not be able to offer you a place. 



How will lessons be taught? 

Our service is online, and so, all our lessons will be taught via video conference. Classes will vary in size depending on the module. Language classes are capped at eight people to ensure all students have a full understanding of what they are being taught.  



Are my grades important to my application?  

No, we offer our services based on passion and needs, not based on academic merit.  


Do I get anything to prove I went on the course?  

At the end of the programme, each student will be awarded a certificate of participation. A progress report will be sent to parents and teachers informing them of individual student progress.  


Can I only enrol for one module?  

You cannot enrol with us for one module, every student must participate in the full course schedule unless there are extenuating circumstances which have been formally discussed with the Admissions Team.  


Can I do this course if I am over the age stated?  

Our course targets school students, if you have been enrolled in full-time school education in the past 12 months we will consider your application.  



When is it?  

Our course will be running for two weeks in the summer of 2020.  

Week 1: 27/07/20-31/07/30 

Week 2: 3/08/20-7/08/20 



What are the 1-1s and how do I know if I am entitled to them?  

The 1-1s are designed for students who will be making their application to University in the coming months. They are targeted at students who are considering studying Classics. They are sessions where a specialist tutor will be talking them through their personal statement, university and course selections and help to prepare them for any exams or interviews they may have. These sessions are also entirely free, and will run after the summer school.   


Do you accept International Applicants?  

We do accept applications from overseas students, our only condition is that you must be able to work on British Summer Time which is the time zone of our school.  

We enjoy the support of the UCL Department of Greek & Latin

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