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Crossword: Take on our challenger crosswords- Latin, Greek and Cryptic Classics puzzles

It's the eighth day of Christmas and we have crosswords galore in store for you today! After everyone did so well in our starter crossword, we decided to up the stakes a notch in our challenger series!

Meet the beasts: the Latin Crossword to test your language skills and its sister Crossword, the Greek Challenger. Then for the almighty Cryptic Crossword solvers, we have an all Classics, all brain cogs turning, no language skills required, toughie for you to have a stab at!

As we have truly thrown down the gauntlet with this challenge we will be offering a prize (Academus Stickers of Course) for each correct completion of the crossword by emailing a completed scan to

The Prize Draw will take place on the 3rd of January so get going ASAP! There will also be another prize-winning activity tomorrow if crosswords aren't your bag!

Created by Emily Shead and Megan Bowler


N.B. If you cannot edit a PDF/print a copy- the Latin and Cryptic Crosswords can be done online.

Ancient Greek Crossword
Download • 58KB

Latin Crossword
Download • 26KB

Cryptic Classics Crossword
Download • 24KB

Have you been defeated by the crosswords? Maybe try our more user-friendly wordsearch instead!

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