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The Academus Virtual Summer School will provide an interdisciplinary introduction to classics designed for 13-17-year-olds. It is split into a Senior School (15-17-year-olds) and a Junior School (13-15-year-olds). We will give all students basic skills in language, historiography and understanding classical texts. We hope to provide our students with three things: confidence, knowledge and passion. All of our tutors have specialised in their subject area, which makes them the best people for the job. Many of our modules have been specially developed by university academics so that we can provide the best content for our students.

Our School will be running for 2 weeks in the Summer of 2020.

Week 1: 27/07/20-31/07/30

Week 2: 3/08/20-7/08/20

Our Junior School is designed to introduce important themes in the Ancient World through depth studies into particular places across the Ancient Greek and Roman Empire. We will look at different aspects of culture, history and literature so that students can understand what it was like to live in an Ancient Greek/ Roman Society. The Junior School also only studies Latin language and not Ancient Greek Language. However, students will cover Ancient Greek history and religion. The Syllabi and modules for both schools are available below and will both be delivered online using the academic platform Moodle. 

For a detailed list of our modules please find a copy of our syllabus below or "E-mail us" with any other queries

Our Junior School Syllabus

Our Senior School Syllabus

Our Modules

Summer 2020 Programme

Here you can find out more about the modules we will be offering this summer so you can best select the modules for you.

Image by Micheile Henderson

Introducing Greek Literature

Ruined Ancient Architecture

Introducing Latin Literature


Introducing Greek History

Image by Nils

Introducing Roman History

Image by Nicole Reyes

Beginners Latin 

Image by Hans Reniers

Beginners Ancient Greek

Image by Phil Goodwin

Roman Specialisms

Image by Jiannis Tsiliakis

Greek Specialisms

We enjoy the support of the UCL Department of Greek & Latin

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